Wednesday, September 7, 2011

N.Y.C.: Times Square Tangerine Creme

My boyfriend and I went to quite a few stores yesterday. And of course almost all of them had their halloween decorations and costumes out. We even went to an all halloween store. Afterwards I was feeling a bit in the halloween mood. So, I of course painted my nails orange. I used N.Y.C.'s Time Square Tangerine Creme. I really love this color. As soon as I put it on it reminded me of candy corn. Which gave me the idea to candy corn nails (a little closer to halloween) But here is the swatch for it. I used two coats and a top coat.

I'm pretty antsy for halloween after all the halloween stuff I seen setting out. I'm excited to do some halloween nail art also =] That's my favorite thing about nail polish, doing art on my nails! Even if it doesn't last very long I still love it! How about you? Are you ready for halloween?


  1. Such a pretty orange! It reminds me of candy corn, too! :) I don't know if I'm ready for Halloween. It's coming up so fast!

  2. I LOVE halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays because I get to decorate! lol