Other Blogs

There are so many great nail blogs out there. So, I decided to post all the ones I really enjoy viewing. Meaning any nail blog that has good content, is in english, updated regularly and isn't messy/cluttered. If you want me to check out your blog just send me a message. Please do not leave your link in the comments or they will be deleted.

The following blogs are in no particular order.

1. My Nail Graffiti
2. The polish Diary
3. Painted On
4. My Blue Lacquer
5. Love Bean Girl
6. Livy Lu Lu
7. Manicure Mommas
8. Doo Polishing
9. A Serious Polish Junkie
10. A Place For My Nails
11. Adventures In Acetone
12. Beauty Karma
13. Nail Nerd
14. Nail Queen
15. Nail Stories

I also wanted to post blogs that are non-nail related. So here is another list of blogs that I enjoy browsing.

1. All About April
2. A Beauty-Full Life