Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sinful Colors: Mint Apple

Yay! It's saturday. I'm just waiting for this month to hurry up and get over with because at the end of the month my boyfriend, daughter and I get to move into our apartment. We are currently living at his dad's so we don't really have any privacy.. or a door, but we will soon! lol. Anyways here is a swatch from Sinful Colors. It's called Mint Apple. It's such a soft color. I'm gonna say it's turquoise? lol. It has a bit of a shimmer to it which I tried my best to capture! This is three coats and a top coat. (The dents in my nails are from acrylics that I had on a couple months ago.)

This is actually the first time I have worn this color and I believe I bought it about four or five months ago! lol. I actually really like it, but I guess I'm just not use to wearing shimmery colors. I'm trying to open up to all different types and brands of nail polish. I'm not really loyal to any certain brand, but I do love sinful colors polishes!

What about you? Is there a certain brand you will only buy from or won't buy from?


  1. i saw a picture of your daughter in your about me and she is soooo freaking cute!!!!
    i really like this color! it kinda looks like the greenish color from the OPI pirates. :}

  2. Haha thanks Beanie! I don't own any OPI's or rarely even come across them in a store so I don't know what it looks like. I will have to look it up!

  3. This is one of my favorite colors. I will wear pretty much any color but I'm a major Zoya junkie. Lately I've been loving Orly too.

  4. @Sandra thanks for commenting =]
    @Sara I don't own any Zoya or Orly so it will be really fun when I get to try 'em out lol

  5. Beautiful color I've been meaning to pick this one up too, I don't have a favorite brand but the brand I have the most of is Sally Hansen.

  6. @Beauxs mom I only have a few Sally Hansen and a lot of Sinful Colors lol.