Tuesday, September 6, 2011

N.Y.C.: Broadway Burgundy Frost

I finally have a camera thanks to my awesome boyfriend =] This is my very first nail swatch. I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying things (I'll have to change that) I just like N.Y.C. because I can get 7 nail polishes for $7 instead of spending $7 on just 1 bottle. I will however purchase more expensive brands in the future. Anyways, here it is my first nail swatch. It's called Broadway Burgundy Frost. I took some pictures out of the sun and some in the sun. I'm wearing two coats and a top coat. The color is pretty opaque and I probably could have just done one coat, but I always like to do two just in case I miss a spot some where on my nail.

It's been a while since I have worn this color, but wearing it reminded me of how much I love it! I think it counts as a fall color? lol. I don't do the whole "what's in" thing. Do you?


  1. Thanks for commenting =] And yes! I forgot how much I loved it!