Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ways to recycle your old nail polish bottle!

I've never personally used a whole bottle of nailpolish,. But! I do have old bottles laying around from a few years back that I don't use anymore because they are impossible to revive. So, why not recycle those old nail polish bottles? There are tons of ways you can recycle your old nailpolish bottles. I listed some ways below.

1. Use it as a container to hold glitter or tiny beads.

2. Use it as a vase for flowers! Ok, I know what you're thinking. It's wayy too small to use as a vase, but that's where you're wrong! I use to be a florist and we were given small vases that we had to work with just pop in a single flower, add tiny pieces of babies breath and a small bow! A great gift for mothers day or just because!

3. Store your custom made paint in it. Did you mix colors together and have extra paint left over? Store in a nailpolish bottle!

4. Do you want to make your own nail polish, but don't want to use all of your top coat to do it? Poor half of  the top coat into a recycled bottle!

5. If you have colors that you are just bored with and are half empty mix the colors together to create a new color.

6. Use it to hold your rings. You can store your rings on the brush handle.

7. If you make your own lipgloss you can use the bottle as a storage containter and the brush as an applicator. (Make sure to cut the brush down for better application.)

8. Make tiny miracas!

9. Use them as decoration. Making a chandlier or putting them in the window and watching the sun beat through them. Just get creative with it!

10. Make your own perfume! Or you can store a bit of your favorite perfume in it if you are going on an airplane as there are only certain amounts of oz you can take.

Have another great way to recycle an empty nailpolish bottle? Please share!

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  1. I am going to try cleaning mine out & using for tiny vases, it will be so freaking cute! Especially for button flowers. Can't wait!!