Monday, August 22, 2011

Pretty In Black?

Earlier I was browsing other blogs and someone had posted a nail swatch and she had added some bows at the bottoms of her fingers. I was feeling a little inspired and wanted to try out some bows myself. I unfortunately forget who's blog I found it on, but if I come across it again I will post the link =] This is the first time I have done bows. Hopefully I will get better at drawing them as time goes on lol. Here's how my nails turned out:

Once again sorry for the poor quality photos. Anyways, for this all I did was do two layers of black then took a toothpick and drew the bows on towards the top of the nail. I actually really like it!

If you have pictures of bow nails I would love to see them! Just leave the link in the comments =]


  1. Thanks so much for commenting =] I wish I had a better camera, but unfortunately I left it at my sisters apartment in another state. So, my webcam will have to do for now.

    I meant to start following you yesterday, but I totally forgot! I'm following you back now tho!

  2. Very cute bows I think you did a good job and I like the pink and black

  3. Thanks =] It's not all that easy to use toothpicks to draw on the bows lol. Hopefully I will get better as time goes on.