Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Time To Break Up With Your Top Coat

We all hate chipped fingernail polish. At least, I do. I usually can only wear my manicure for a day or two before it begins chipping. Sometimes I'll get lucky and it will take three days before they start chipping. But the other day when I had done my newspaper nails I was in a pickle and couldn't find my top coat. I remembered seeing some Yellow Stopper by American Classics in the bathroom (I'm assuming it's my boyfriend's dad's wife's nail polish) So I grabbed it and used it as my top coat. I had never heard of yellow stopper and wasn't even sure if I could use it as a top coat, but oh boy was I impressed! The next day I was excited to see my manicure still in good condition. Almost as if I had just painted them! The nail polish has a slight purple color to it which I don't mind. So my thought is this, if you want your manicures to last longer I reccommend throwing out your old top coat and purchasing a bottle of Yellow Stopper (as long as you don't mind the purple color.)
I have not used Yellow Stopper for it's true purpose (which is of course suppose to stop you from getting yellow nails) so I do not know if the product actually works for what it's suppose to be used for. I just know that it makes and outrageously awesome top coat!
I will definitely be purchasing my own bottle!

Do you know of another great top coat?


  1. Wow! I've never heard of using that as a top coat!

  2. I had never even heard of yellow stopper 'til I had seen it in the bathroom lol. I'm glad I used it though! My mani that I did almost three days ago is still chip free =]

  3. I usually have great luck with SH Insta Dri top coat; once in a while it won't get along with a particular polish but mostly it does great for me.

  4. Cool. Thanks for sharing Karen! I have never tried it before but I will definitely have to try it!