Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clumpy nail polish, oh my!

Is your nailpolish clumpy/gooey? Don't worry! I have a simple trick to help you save your old nailpolish and keep money in your pocket rather than having to go out and buy a brand new bottle. All you need it nailpolish remover! You can use non acetone or acetone nailpolish remover. Either one will work just fine!

Step 1: Poor a couple drops of nailpolish remover into the nailpolish bottle. (Careful not to poor too much in. Otherwise you will have to end up throwing your nailpolish away. A couple small drops will do the trick.)                                                                               

Step2: Shake the bottle to mix in the nail polish remover.
And you're done!! 

Know of another way to restore clumpy nailpolish? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yes! You should only do this trick if you plan to toss the NP soon! I think it will make the colors separate :(

    I use Seche Restore NP thinner, but there are other good ones!! I think Beauty Secrets at sally's has a nice one for a few bucks!

    PS - LOVE your newspaper nails!! So cute!! & ty for stopping by my blog <3

  2. Yes, I've heard people say don't do this because it seperates the color. But, what have you got to lose you'll have to throw it away in the end away. I have never used a whole bottle of nailpolish, ever! lol.

    And thanks so much!