Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Six Easy Steps To Paint Drip Nails

I was really missing my camera earlier. And was upset that I can't take quality pictures and post them to my blog. Then I remembered on my old website I did a tutorial on paint drip nails and thought since I'm not using that website anymore I would move the tutorial to my blog. And of course the tutorial is on no other than paint drip nails!

You Will Need:
Base Coat
2 colors of nailpolish (your choice)
A toothpick or paint brush

Step One:
Apply a base coat.

Step Two:
Apply 2-3 coats of blue.

Step 3:
Apply three dots on to the lower part of the nail. TIP: To do this part I used a paintbrush from the dollar store as it was easier to do the dots and lines than it would be to use the nailpolish brush.

Step 4:
Make lines from the dots going up to the tip of your nails.

Step 5:
Make a line going accross the tip of your nail.

Step 6:
Last step is to apply a top coat. And you're done!!

I really like blogging, but once again I hate that I can't deliver quality pictures for you guys. So, if anyone has a good topic for me to blog about (topic still must be nails) I would really appreciate some suggestions!!


  1. Great tutorial I think I can do this can't wait to try, thanks.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting Karen D =]

  3. Great tutorial! I've always wondered how to do that.

  4. Great tutorial! I've been dying for Halloween because I have the best idea for a zombie drip mani... which I'm sure I'll totally forget about when Halloween time finally comes. hah

  5. Thanks! And actually a zombie drip mani is a great idea! Write it on your calender! LOL

  6. How awesome! I am the least artistic when it comes to nails.. seriously I can draw on a persons face or body and even paint on a persons face or body.. but painting my nails and doing designs pshhhh I am like all over the place! lol

    I appreciate your blog and will totally be back for more tips and info! I love it! Apart from my blog where I am just all makeup and extra junk haha you have useful info that my nailart handicap can get tips from!

    By the way... I was driving earlier when I received your message on my giveaway post.. MY HEART MELTED! My sister was driving with me and I had her read it (hope you dont mind) - we were both in awe! Thank you so so much for appreciating me and my hard work. Its people like you that give me the motivation to spread my passion. If you read my bio or even my MAKEUP PAGE under ELLA LANE MAKEUP ARTISTRY - you'll read how my followers ARE my inspiration and how I just want people to spread my passion!

    Thank you for taking the time out to say what you said and also enter in my giveaway! It means EVERYTHING to me!


  7. @LC I meant every word!
    @SmokE Thanks for commenting! Hopefully I will get a camera soon and will be able to do more tutorials! They are my favorite thing to do!